The Best Smartwatch For Every Wrist

The Most Stylish: LG G Watch R and ASUS Zenwatch We've got a tie here because on a functional level, the $300 G Watch R and the $200 Zenwatchare pretty equally great.

People Style Watch

People Style Watch Gift Guide- 7 Great Tech Finds

It's high-tech and so sleek! Sync it to your phone to track fitness levels and get incoming call alerts.

Android Authority

Editors' Choice Award

4.5/ 5 stars: The Asus Zenwatch brings elegance and class to the Android Wear space at a surprisingly competitive price, which is why we've decided to give it our Editor's Choice Award.


The Best Looking Smartwatch Yet

Final Grade: 8/10 - The new Asus ZenWatch is big, bold and beautiful and closer to looking like real jewelry than any other Google (GOOG) Android Wear device to date.