ASUS DDNS service enables easy and quick sharing of data and multi-media contents with your friends and families. It allows you to create a short and easy-to-remember hostname that points to your ASUS wireless router at home or office. And with ASUS AiDisk, it takes only 3 minutes to complete FTP settings and start sharing right away.

ASUS DDNS service is freely available to ASUS product users, and it's not just another dynamic DNS service. The service is embedded in your ASUS wireless router, and closely integrated with the server to save the time and money usually required for service registration.



AiDisk combines simple FTP settings with the ASUS DDNS service to share files with friends easily no matter when and where the user is.


By simply utilizing the RT-N13U with a USB hard disk, users will be able to create a mini FTP server at home and only requires them to setup an account and password and select the file they want to share.


With the bundled AiDisk quick installation guide included in the box, users can rest easy and not worry about complicated settings. Users will be able to easily create their own FTP servers with easily recognized and meaningful hostname like: , instead of a hard to remember IP addresses or URLs.

About DNS and Dynamic DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is a hierarchical system for naming routers or other resources on the Internet. It translates human understand domain names into numerical IP addresses that physically identify the location of the resources.


Dynamic DNS usually refers to the network service that provides the capability for a router or computer to notify a domain name server of the change of its IP address in real time.


ASUS DDNS service is available to supported ASUS devices only.